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Trying to Sell an Outdated Home

Trying to sell a home that is really outdated?

Time moves fast… the housing market and buyer expectations are no exception. Every year, buyers expect to purchase a home with the latest and greatest updates.

But naturally, you haven’t had time to keep up with all of those upgrades on your home… you were busy doing other things.

Still, now that you want to sell, you’re struggling to get as much attention as you’d like… and you’re probably struggling to get the price you want.

Here are some ideas to help…

Update The Main Stuff — When it comes to getting as much money as possible for your home, not all updates are equal. If you want to spend money and time updating your home, then start with the kitchen and bathrooms, then appliances, and give your home a fresh paint job. This will cost you a pretty penny, but will make your home far easier to sell for a hefty price-point.

Rent The Home — Tenants are usually less picky about the home they’re moving into than buyers are. Since they don’t own the home, they’re willing to look past outdated features. The downside is that tenants might not treat the home with as much respect as it deserves. But this is certainly an option if you have the energy and know-how to manage tenants.

Sell To a Professional Homebuyer — If you just want to sell your San Antonio house fast and you have a lot of equity, then consider selling to a professional homebuyer like ourselves at River Walk Home Buyers. We’ll buy your house as-is for cash and we can close in as little as two weeks. Give us a call or text at (210) 775-2064 to get your offer!

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