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How Do I Sell My House Fast In San Antonio For Cash?

We Offer Cash For Your TX House Fast.  Here’s How…

By eliminating the middle person, (agents, banks, inspectors, etc.) and by simply paying cash we can significantly uncomplicate things. We can truly make buying your house easy as 

Cash For Your House. Here’s How…

Sell My House Fast San Antonio

Sell Your House The Easy Way.

Hi there, my name is Stone, and I handle all of our purchases here at “RWHB”. I will be your guide, walking you through the entire process getting your no-obligation-to-accept, all-cash offer started. Don’t worry, it is all free without any cost involved and without any obligation to accept any offer we make you. If you’d rather talk to a live person feel free to call me at my direct line at (210) 866-6995.

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Sell My House Fast San Antonio

Working with Stone has been a pleasure! He is very professional and responsive and he made the entire process quick and simple. Highly recommend Stone for anyone looking to sell their home.”

Sell My House Fast SA

Melissa Molina ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(San Antonio, TX)

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Told You… Easy As

This explains the steps involved, but what exactly goes on behind the scenes?

To sell your home fast for cash in San Antonio, we encourage you to educate yourself before you decide what your best options are. 

What follows next is a well thought out, fully detailed explanation on how the entire house buying process works from beginning to end. Please read through this as reading this article will make you the expert on the topic. 

Cash For Your House. The Details…

How To Sell A House Fast (Just 5 Easy Steps)

Sell My House Fast

Selling your house can be a daunting task, especially when you need it sold fast. By selling your house for cash, you can drastically speed things up. This guide will walk you through the entire process of selling your house for cash to a cash home buyer from start to finish.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Internet access or a phone
  • A reliable form of communication like an email address or phone
  • Computer or a phone

What Is A Cash Home Buyer?

A cash home buyer is any person, company or entity (usually a real estate investor), capable of buying your house in cash without the need for financial support from banks, lenders or other 3rd party financial institutions. As the purchaser is providing their own money, they are the final decision makers thus eliminating need for approvals or inspections from 3rd party institutions, drastically speeding up the transaction. Here are 5 easy steps to get your house in TX sold fast!

1. Find A Cash House Buyer.

Sell My House Fast Step 1

The most common method for finding cash home buyers is by doing a Google search for: “We Buy Houses [yourCity] [yourState]“, “Sell My House Fast [yourCity] [yourState], or “Cash For My House In [yourCity] [yourState], and choosing the top ranking results underneath the ads. The ad results often are not reliable or reputable as people simply pay to be on top. They are not on top because they are reputable.(Ads can be recognized by the letters “Ad” preceding the Google listing).

2. Do Your Due Diligence.

Sell My House Fast Step 2

Not all cash home buyers are the same. The offer amount and thus the method used to arrive at your offer often differs significantly. For this reason you should go over their website, visit their “How It Works” page, their “About Us” and/or “Our Company” Page, and make sure there are credible reviews from real actual people that sold their house to them. What you are looking for is transparency, a neat, clean and professional polished website, clear explanations, and professionalism. The website is a direct reflection on them and their business. If a business owner doesn’t take pride in their website they don’t take pride in their business and may not be the wisest choice to do business with.

3. Submit Your Information.

Sell My House Fast Step 3

Once you found a reputable house buyer, it is time to get your cash offer started by submitting your information. The information needed from you is 1) a reliable way to contact you (usually a phone number or email address), 2) the address and 3) some details on the current condition of the house and what repairs it needs, if any.

4. Schedule Your Appointment.

Sell My House Fast Step 4

Once the information is received, an appointment can be scheduled where you can meet the buyer, and walk through the property together. You can ask them any questions you may have and by the end of the walkthrough your offer is presented and discussed. There should never be any costs associated for these services and the offer is a no obligation to accept offer. Most reputable property buyers understand that this is a critical time in your life and you have a big decision to make so more often than not, they would respect the need to think it over and you should have a cash offer friendly attorney look over the contract.

5. Schedule Your Closing Date. Get Your Cash!

Sell My House Fast Step 5

If the offer presented is to your satisfaction, you can set a date for closing. During closing you will get the cash and that’s it. You sold your house for cash to a cash buyer successfully! Usually it is the cash buyer that will pay for all closing costs, making sure the transaction is as attractive as possible for you, the seller.

So How Do We Come Up With Our Offers?

We Buy Houses The Right Way.

Hey… We’ve all heard of house buying companies that will give you an offer or a “ballpark” over the phone. Then, once they actually come out to your house, they start lowering that initial offer they gave you.. What a waste of time!! We put a ton of effort into our market research and analysis on your house. For that reason we will NEVER give you a lowball offer for your house, because our goal is to get deals done!

We make all of our offers based on the location of the property, what similar homes in retail-ready condition are selling for nearby, and then we factor in how much it’s going to cost to get your property to that standard.

So What Does That Actually Look Like?

First, we calculate the ARV (After Repair Value) of your home

To do this we look at what houses within your area are going for once they’ve been repaired or upgraded. We use the same parameters that a licensed appraiser would use.

Next, we Subtract the cost of Repairs & Upgrades needed

This would be the cost to complete any major repairs, minor repairs, and upgrades the property needs.

Then, we subtract our profit

This is a business and we do hope to make a profit. But due to us having a full-time construction team on payroll as well as a licensed real estate agent on staff, we’re able to save money in other aspects of the home-selling process so we can give you the strongest offer.

Now you have your offer

We are happy to give you as much as we possibly can for your property while still making it work on our end.

Cash Offers For Homes

Let’s See A Real Life Example…

Think about all the houses in your neighborhood…Now think a little more specifically about the ones that are like yours. The same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the same age, and about the same size.

If those houses that are like yours, after they have been all fixed up and sold with an agent, are selling for say $200K…Then we would start with that number as our After Repaired Value.

We know from experience that when you sell with an agent it costs about 10% of the sales price. So, $200K minus 10% = $180K.

Repairing a house is expensive. Our repair costs per property range anywhere from $5K to $100K+. Let’s say that your house isn’t that bad, just really needs to be brought up to the current standard and use a smaller number like $25K. $180K minus $25K = $155K.

Sell My House Fast in San Antonio

Holding costs are how much it costs you to hold on to a property while you are waiting to sell it (Taxes, Insurance, Utilities, Etc.). When you combine holding costs with the additional cost of us paying for your closing costs when we buy the property from you, it adds up to about $5K. Again, $155K minus 5K for holding and closing costs = $150K.

We have to make some profit. Everyone knows that and we are not trying to hide it. If we factored in $20K for profit and any unexpected overages, we end up with $150K minus $20K = $130K.

In this case, our offer would be $130K. As you can see, we use real numbers. We do not use a blanket percentage or formula because every property is unique. We simply add up the numbers for your property so that we can give you the best possible offer.

What Happens After I Accept Your Offer?

We will take the initial paperwork over to the title company

The Title Company Does 2 Main Things:

1. They make sure you can legally sell us the property. Most people are honest, but we have to check…

2. They make sure that we pay you just like we said in our offer. This is never a problem for us, but it’s nice to know that someone else is looking out for you.

We work hand in hand with the title company to make sure we get everything cleared up ahead of time and in the fastest way possible.

The title company will often have a question or two for you as they are helping us process the paperwork. This is completely normal and just part of making sure that everything is done the right way.

We will continue to work on this until we have a complete and clear file. Then they will prepare the final documents that we sign on closing day.

Once Everything is in order, we are clear to close!

Don’t Forget! We are always available to answer any questions or concerns that you have during the process

Most of the time it’s an easy answer…so don’t lose sleep, just ask!

On your closing date (or Sale Date), we will both sign our papers at the title company

We send the money directly to the Title Company and Once they have verified that everything is good, they will send us our documents, and send you your money.

There you have it! Pretty Easy Right…

How Long Does It Take?

It’s completely up to you! How fast do you need to sell your house? We will move as fast as you need us to or we can slow the process down to give you more time. Our goal is to create a deal that works for you so just let us know the timeline that works for you.

We can buy your house in as little as 7 days and sometimes even faster. But we have been buying houses for years and we will still be buying them in 30, 60, 90 days or whatever day works for you.

Many people want to know that their house will be sold on the date that they need so that they can plan accordingly. We are happy to schedule your closing farther out so that you have time to take care of anything you need to. Many times we are also able to offer a lease-back in order to help our clients, call us if you want more info on that!

How Can We Buy Houses So Fast?

By Taking out all of the Agents, Extra Fees, Waiting on Inspectors, Appraisers, and Repairs we are able to Simplify The Process, Remove Those Headaches, and Really Speed Things Up.

We have been buying houses for several years so we are buying houses this week, we will be buying them in six weeks, and in 2 years. So, when we say Pick Your Closing Date, Go Ahead, We are Ready when you are.

We Only use Licensed and Reputable Real Estate Attorneys and Escrow Officers. Our experienced team knows the right way to do things and how to get things done when you need it.

Still Have Questions? Great!

We will answer each and every question that you have

Not sure how to sell a house? No problem!

Questions about Probate? Happy to Help!

Behind on Payments or owe taxes? Give us a call!

We have answered Thousands of Seller questions and we are happy to help answer yours.

Sell My House Fast

I don’t normally give a perfect score for anything but Stone at River Walk did a great job. He closed on my house exactly when we had agreed to for a price I was more than happy with.”

Sell My House Fast

Tammy Lewis ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

(San Antonio, TX)

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