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We’ve bought a lot of homes in San Antonio over the last few years.

In fact, it’s sort of our thing.

We make offers to homeowners who want to sell fast and as-is for a fair cash price… without the headaches of listing on the MLS or going through a real estate agent.

Obviously, this process requires a lot of real estate knowledge.

And one of the questions often asked by people is, “How do you determine the value of my home?”

There’s a lot that goes into that… but the biggest piece?

Location, location, location.

We know it and so do real estate agents.

In many cases, WHERE a home is located is even more important than the condition of the home itself. If a house is in a highly desirable neighborhood, then we stand to profit a lot off of the investment… and our cash offer will reflect that.

Heck, it might be possible to sell the home for more than you think if it’s in a desirable neighborhood… EVEN IF if it’s in poor condition.

Only one way to find out.

Give us a call at 210-750-3335!

We can do a valuation on your home and make you a fair cash offer within 48 hours.

It’s super easy.

Just give us a call, tell us a little bit about your house, and then give us a few days to do some research. We’ll call with our offer within about 48 hours — absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

We’ll talk soon!

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