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Creating a Home Office

The events of the past couple of years have made it so a lot of people are now working from home in San Antonio.

There are a lot of benefits, of course — you can work at your own pace and on your own schedule.

But it also means you need a place to work…

Somewhere that’s free of distractions and allows you to focus.

So we thought we’d pop by and offer some tips for creating a home office if you’ve got the space. Here they are!

Find Quiet Space — More than anything, the space chosen should make it easy to focus. Maybe that means using the guest bedroom or the garage or the shed outside. Whatever the case, do what you gotta do to create some peace and quiet.

Buy Ergonomic Furniture — Ergonomic furniture (that is, furniture that improves posture) is typically a little more expensive, but it’s worth every penny. Spending a lot of time sitting makes it 100% worth it to get furniture that’s comfortable and supportive.

Eliminate Distractions — Distractions are the bane of productivity. So when creating a home office, eliminating them is top priority. Maybe that means soundproofing the room, silencing your cell phone, or having less stuff in the home office.

Make it Fun — It’s your office so have fun with it! What can be added that would make the space special and reflective of you? What could be included that would make it exciting to work there every day?

Hope that helps with creating an awesome home office.

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