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Cash Home Buyers in San Antonio - River Walk Home Buyers
Stone here with River Walk Home Buyers. I want to talk a little bit about cash home buyers in the San Antonio area. Why you might want to work with somebody like that over a real estate agent or putting your house up as a for sale by owner.

Reason you’d want to work with a cash home buyer, number one, flexibility. They typically offer either very quick closings or delayed closings. We’ve even done situations at our company where we’ve bought a house and gotten somebody paid in a week, and then leased it back to them for free for three months, so they could take the time and the money from that sell to find their next home.

Reason number two, house needs repairs, cleaning, junk, you name it. When you sell to a cash home buyer, typically you don’t have to clean or pick up anything. They’re fine with homes that need repairs. That’s how they make their money is by repairing the homes. So if you’re looking for an as-is sale, typically you should reach out to a cash home buyer.

Reason number three, privacy. So with a cash home buyer they’ll typically do one walkthrough before they make their offer, not showings like you would have on the market. Typical amount of showings to get your house sold is somewhere around 60 at this time, versus just one walkthrough with a cash home buyer. That’s a great way to go if you don’t want a bunch of people coming through your house.

Hope this helps. If you’d like anymore info on what we do, please visit Or call or text us at 210-775-2064.
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